Undisclosed Project, THQ, Storyboards
Wrong, Independent, Graphics
Walking with Dinosaurs 3D, Evergreen Films, Storyboards
The Morning After, HD Films, Visual Effects Supervisor
The Smurfs, Sony, Storyboards
Undisclosed Project, Volition, Storyboards
Red Faction Armageddon, THQ inc., Storyboards
And Man Created Dog, Evergreen Pictures, Storyboards
Dinner For Schmucks Paramount, Illustrator
Some Guy Who Kills People VFX Supervisor, Art Director
Detention Visual Effects Supervisor
Bruno Universal, Conceptual Illustration
Jack & Janet Save the Planet Disney, Storyboards
Gettsburg: The Speech That Saved America Storyboards
The Perfect Game 2nd Unit Director, VFX Supervisor
Evilution Storyboards, VFX Supervisor
When Women Rule the World Fox, Conceptual Illustration
Flight of the Conchords HBO, Animation Director- Albi
Sandlot 3, Fox, 2nd Unit Director, Storyboards
My Name is Earl 20th Century Fox, Illustrator
10 Items or Less (Pilot)TBS, Illustrator
American Inventor, Conceptual Illustration
Simon Says, Storyboards, Conceptual Illustration
Dirty Deeds Conceptual Illustration, On Camera Illustration
Alien Planet, Discovery Channel Inc. Storyboards
Summerland (Pilot), Spelling Entertainment Storyboards
My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss Fox, Conceptual Illustration
TV Land Awards, TV Land, Conceptual Illustration
76th Academy Awards, Dakota Pictures, Illustration
Walking with Cavemen, Discovery Channel, Storyboards
My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé, Fox On Camera Illustration
The Perfect Score, MTV Conceptual Illustration
Dinosaur Planet, Discovery Channel Inc. Storyboards
Living With Monsters, Discovery Channel Inc. Storyboards
Santa Who? Walt Disney Storyboards
Purgatory, TNT Storyboards, On Camera Illustration
The Famous Jett Jackson (Pilot) Universal Storyboards
Baby Huey's Great Easter Adventure,  Storyboards
Balloon Farm, Walt Disney Storyboards
My Giant, Warner Bros. Conceptual Illustration
Batman & Robin (Batman 4) Warner Bros. Storyboards
Brokedown Palace, Fox Storyboards
Ally McBeal (Pilot) 20th Century Fox Storyboards
Volcano  Fox Storyboards, Conceptual Illustration
Wild America, Warner Bros. Storyboards
Stretch Armstrong, Walt Disney, Storyboards
Angels in the Outfield, Walt Disney , Storyboards
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